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What Carolyn says...

My relationship with Advanced Beauty began seven years ago. A smiling face and a welcoming personality drew me to the team at Norton Plaza. It was the beginning of a lasting friendship, expert professional treatments and terrific products.

When the move from Norton Plaza came, I felt sad but decided to follow the team to the day spa in Leichhardt. This began stage 2 of my Advanced Beauty relationship. The total experience is now one of suspended reality and a trip to Bali each fortnight.

What Martha says...

I have been a client with Advanced Beauty & Body Care for
over 4 years and would like to extend my satisfaction and
gratitude to all the team members and management for
their continued loyalty and excellent service which they
have provided over the years  
What Julia says... 

My first encounter was a simple eyebrow wax, but I soon learnt no matter how big or small the service you require you were treated like their most valuable client, everybody remembers your name and makes you feel like a celebrity.

The quality of service was exceptional. I've had hair done, I've had massages and every single time without fail I greatly enjoyed my experience and couldn't wait for my next visit. Not only had I found an amazing professional, caring, outstanding and reliable place to take care of all my beauty needs I was fortunate to have had built a great bond and friendship with these girls.

So as you can see, my expectations have definitely been exceeded and I could't speak highly enough of "The Salon". I admire your passion and dedication to your people and know you will continue to truly stand by your Company Mission.

Congratulations to all your staff that are always willing to go the extra mile which demonstrates a testimony of all your hard work and commitment as a team.
What Afimia says...

For over 10 years  I visit the Parramatta salon and will continue to use their services. I am made to feel special as a person with my beauty and my inner self, and have been treated not as a client but as their own personal friend.

You can always count on the honesty and truthfullness of the team. They have respected who I am and met all my needs. I have not been tempted to try any other beauty salon.

The products and services recommended have been of high standard and have assisted me with my skin. Murad was an outstanding product I used for many years this helped my skin in many ways. However, this year my skincare products was changed to Maja, this change has done wonders for my skin. No matter who treats me, my regular therapist always knows everything that was done to my skin.

I applaud Advanced Beauty for their services and their team. 
What Sergio says...

Have you ever been to a place where the focus is only on you?
Advanced Beauty is a place where your needs and wants are very carefully
looked after by the amazing staff there! The level of professionalism,  
products and industry knowledge coupled with a warm and welcoming customer 
service leaves me breathless every time!  The team of beauty and hairdressing 
are truly experts in their field and will look after your every need. In all my 
years of being a client I would recommend it to everyone.
Keep smiling team!

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