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Hand and Foot Care

Skin Care


An easy treatment for a quick pampering boost is found in our hand, nail and foot care. You sit back while our day spa staff buff, moisturize and shine your nails. You can choose from a variety of skin products and treatments to smooth and relax the skin and add beauty to your hands and feet.


Using our hands all day can leave them dried out and rough. To soften your skin and brighten your nails, you can't go past a spa treatment manicure. Choose from our array of colours for your nails and allow the professionals to bring life back into your hands with our skin and beauty products.

Mini Manicure - 30 min / $30.00

Mini Manicure with any other service - $25.00
Hand Treatment Manicure - 45 min / $40.00
Delux Hand & Arm treatment with AHA - 60 min / $75.00


Feet are often neglected. Cracked heels, chipped nails and sore feet are common. To relieve yourself, come in for a foot treatment.Our Sydney spa staff can revitalize any foot and help soothe the dried skin. Our skin care treatments and products will make your feet feel brand new. Adding a touch of colour to your nails tops the treatment off to make you want to wear sandals all the time.

Mini Pedicure - 30 min / $40.00

Mini Pedicure with any other service - $35.00
Advanced Pedi Spa - 45 min / $50.00
Foot Spa Pedicure - 60 min / $66.00

Spa Foot Ritual - 30 min / $35.00

Buff & Polish - $20.00
Polish Only - $9.00
French Polish with service - $5.50
French Polish only - $15.00

Note: Timing shown for individual treatments does not apply when performed in combination of multiple services.

NSW Health Fact Sheet
Manicure and pedicure treatments hygiene standards

  • Towels (disposable and cloth) and other types of linen used for covering or protection during the procedure must be clean at the start of each treatment.
  • Paraffin, creams, oils and artificial nail chemicals should be dispensed using a single use applicator or, dispensed into a separate container for each client.
  • Nail technicians should wash their hands if a procedure is interrupted.
  • All necessary equipment should be set up prior to the procedure. (Preferably in front of the client).
  • The sterile packaging should only be opened when ready to proceed.
  • Foot spas (baths) should be cleaned after each client using a mild detergent and warm water followed by swabbing with a household grade disinfectant. After each days usage the foot spa (bath) should be thoroughly cleaned with a proprietary spa bath cleaner which contains a disinfectant and solvent to remove accumulated body grease and then draining until dry.
  • The skin area to be treated should be cleaned with a skin antiseptic (eg. client washes hands prior to procedure).
  • The sterile part of equipment that penetrates, or has the potential to penetrate the skin should not be touched.
  • Where possible use single use equipment, such as razors. These items should be disposed of appropriately immediately after use in an appropriate sharps container.
  • Cover spray bottles with disposable plastic covers.
  • When using paraffin, regardless of the type used, it must be thrown out after it has been used.
  • Nail files, emery boards, and buffers (manual or machine) must be cleaned between each client.

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