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Body Massage Therapy and Beauty Treatments

Skin Care


When you are relaxed and the body’s systems are stimulated, healing has a perfect opportunity to take effect, because it begins from the inside out.

The body treatments at our day spas in Sydney are designed to do more than relax your body, mind and spirit. Integrating the richness nature provides through the products we use, combined with the power of touch, our experienced team of spa professionals will personalise your massage and skin care treatment, leaving your body feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

We have treatments for everyone from relaxing massage therapy to skin care body wraps. Release your stress and enhance your beauty with our day spa treatments in Sydney.


Our body massage therapy reduces tension and relieves the negative effects of every day stress. Our expert massage therapists in Sydney will restore your sense of well being with a combination of deep tissue massage, acupressure, Swedish and manual lymph drainage techniques.

Shoulder Massage - 15 min / $25.00
Neck Relaxation - 15 min / $25.00
Hand & Arm Massage - 15 min / $25.00
Scalp Massage - 15 min / $25.00
Foot Massage - 15 min / $25.00
Combination Massage - 60 min / $90.00
Back & Neck Massage - 30 min / $50.00
Aromatherapy Back & Neck Massage - 30 min / $60.00
Anti Stress Back Massage - 60 min / $90.00
Full Body Massage - 60 min / $90.00
Full Body Exfoliation - 30 min / $65.00
Dry Body Brushing - 15 min / $20.00
Deep Facial Massage - 30 min / $50.00

[Massage prices do not apply for our Remedial Masseur prices]


Stimulates venous circulation:

Massage therapy dilates the blood vessels, improving circulation and relieving congestion throughout the body. Capillaries are dilated via direct pressure and via a neurological reflex. The red blood cell count increases, haemoglobin levels increase and the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells is enhanced.

Massages increase blood supply and nutrition to the muscles: They accelerate recovery from fatigue via removal of toxic lactic acid. Once this toxic build up is removed from the muscles they are able to receive the required supply of oxygen and nutrients from the improved blood supply. Massages relieve muscle spasm and relaxes tension.

Massage therapy improves muscle tone and helps prevent or delay muscular atrophy resulting from forced inactivity e.g due to sporting injury or from stroke. Massage may have a sedative or stimulating effect on the nervous system depending on the type of movement used & or the length of the massage.

Massage therapy can compensate in part for lack of exercise and muscular contraction in people who due to illness, injury or age are forced to remain inactive.

Massages act as a mechanical cleanser by stimulating lymphatic circulation. Lymph circulation depends on gravity, muscle contraction, active or passive movement and external pressure (massage). Lymph is the body’s internal cleanser, acting to remove and eliminate the toxic waste products of cell metabolism and to destroy any harmful bacteria found in the body.


Get back to nature with our water therapy skin care treatments. These are a great way to relax while enhancing your skin's health to rejuvinate natural beauty.

Hydrotherapy Bath Treatment - $95.00
Hydrotherapy Bath Treatment with treatment - $85.00


The advantage of body wrap treatments are body contouring, detoxification, pain relief, temporary inch loss, cellulite control, skin tightening, skin softening, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism. It can give the skin a very healthy fresh and vibrant look too. Additionally the time spent wrapped is useful for tension and stress reduction 

Full Body Wrap - $60.00

We use range of product to smooth, soothe, contour and tone. Leaving your body relaxed and energized at the same time.

New Zealand Rotorua Mud Mask Body Wrap - $75.00

Rotorua is a unique city in New Zealand that is situated on a very active volcanic plateau. Within the city are numerous hot thermal springs, boiling mud pools and thermal geysers.

The Rotorua Mud Mask draws blood flow to the skin's surface helping to expel toxins as well as promoting healing of the skins acid mantle. Its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties help to control acne and other skin blemishes.

Other key ingredients are Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Apricot kernel Oil, Seaweed extract.

This Body wrap will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and totally cleansed.

Combination of Rotorua Body Scrub & Mud Mask Body Wrap - $120.00


These skin care facial treatments will nourish and feed the skin. Crepiness, dehydration, uneven texture and breakouts will be minimised revealing a soft, smoother appearance.

Back Facial - 45 min / $75.00
Decolleté Facial - 30 min / $55.00
Facial (Backside Facial) - 30 min / $55.00
Bust Facial - 30 min / $55.00


45 min / $65.00
A deeply relaxing & soothing treatment for aching, tired legs; reduces swelling, aching & fatigue by increasing the circulation.


45 min / $99.00
This beauty treatment improves texture, elasticity, hydration and the colour of the bust and décolleté.


90 min / $130.00
This is a concentrated skin care wrap of Brown algae, consisting of laminariae and focus vesiculoso, selected for its great content in organic iodine, which stimulates the conversion of fat into energy. This algae also has a great wealth of Vitamins (A,E,C,F,D), Trace elements, minerals and plant hormones for anti-ageing, beauty, slimming and revitalising.


75 min / $150.00
Our day spas' skin care treatment for anti-cellulite is made up of micronized kelp powder, blended with kaolin and menthol. This beauty treatment is based on the stimulation of endorphins (pleasure hormones), which act as chemical messengers in the fat elimination process and reabsorb cellulite nodules and aids adipose tissue reduction. The menthol element improves microcirculation and produces vaso-constriction of the capillaries. This improves the circulatory ecstasy that is present in cellulite tissue. It also produces an immediate and pleasant cooling sensation that offers relief and rest to the affected area.

Note: Timing for individual treatments does not apply when performed in combination of multiple services

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